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How to read experian credit report


Personal Information/Employment

  • Consumer's name
  • Alternate names such as aliases, maiden, previous surnames or nicknames associated with the consumer's file.
  • Consumer's year of birth or date of birth
  • Consumer's Social Security Number and other Social Security Numbers reported on the consumer's file in descending order based on number of occurrences reported; asterisk denotes any SSN not matching on inquiry. SSN is different than input message is used to indicate that there is more than one SSN number linked to this file on the Experian Data Base.
  • Telephone/DL number, if available
  • Spouse name and Social Security Number, if applicable
  • Consumer's address including time frame reported and source.
  • Last subscriber reporting the consumer at his/her current address
  • Consumer's previous addresses with source, in order by reliability of source. Up to two may display.
  • An asterisk preceding any address indicates the address was not entered on inquiry.
  • Employer's name and address including time frame reported and origination source.
  • Previous employer's name and address with time frame reported and source.

Historical Status

Consumer's payment history during the past 25 months beginning with the month represented by the balance date. Months reviewed indicates the total number of months history has been maintained for the account. The following codes reflect the status of the account for each month and are displayed for balance reporting subscriber only.

    C-   Current
    N-   Current account/ zero balance-no update tape received
    0-   Current account/ zero balance reported on update tape
    1-   30 days past the due date        2-   60 days past the due date
    3-   90 days past the due date        4-   120 days past the due date
    5-   150 days past the due date      6-   180 days past the due date
    7-   Wage Earner Plan, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy (Petitioned, Discharged, Reaffirmation of debt rescinded)
    8-   Derogatory, e.g. foreclosure proceeding, deed in lieu, repossession, voluntary surrender
    9-   Collection, Chargeoff, Insurance Claim, Chapter 7, 11 or 12 Bankruptcy (Petitioned, Discharged, Reaffirmation of debt rescinded)
    G-   Collection                  H-   Foreclosure              J-   Voluntary surrender
    K-   Repossession           L-    Charge-off
    B-   Account condition change, payment code not applicable
    - (Dash)- No history reported for that month
    Blank-    No history maintained; see payment status comment

Demographics (optional)

Demographics contains the consumer's telephone number (including source and phone type: R=Residential; B=Business; C=Cellular; P=Pager; T=Pay Telephone; F=Fax; I=Institution), driver's license number, home ownership status and the GEO code of the current address.

Fraud Shield, FACS+ Summaries (optional)

Fraud shield summary contains messages related to the Fraud Shield fraud prevention services. FACS+ identifies potential fraudulent activity by various alerts. Optional with CHECK keyword on inquiry or contact your Experian sales representative.

Profile Summary (optional)

Profile Summary contains 17 significant calculations from the Credit Profile report. Optional with PSUM keyword on inquiry or contact your Experian sales representative.

Credit Trends Summary (optional)

Credit Trends summary provides up to 24 months of historical balance and credit utilization information on a consumer's revolving installment and mortgage accounts. Optional with HBIS keyword on inquiry or contact your Experian sales representative.

Scoring (optional)

Risk model scores are generated if you use Experian's credit risk models. Optional with RM-keyword on inquiry or contact your Experian sales representative. May also optionally display score factor code definitions.

Public Records

Public record information consists of bankruptcies, liens and civil actions against a consumer.

  • Original filing date with court
  • Amount of public record
  • Type of public record
  • Plaintiff's name
  • Status date if status is satisfied, released, vacated, discharged or dismissed
  • Certificate or docket number
  • Reporting court's name
  • Reporting court's number

Reminder: To ensure compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, reasonable care should be taken to input accurate identification belonging to the consumer when requesting services.


Trade Lines are presorted by type. If desired, they can be ordered by descending balance or most derogatory status within the account types. A highlighted tradeline indicates that information needs further review. Any or all of the following information may appear if provided by a subscriber:

  • Reporting subscriber's name
  • Consumer's account number
  • Reporting subscriber's number
  • KOB (Kind of Business Code) describes a subscriber's business. The first letter designates an industry. The second character more narrowly defines a subscriber's business.
  • Payment status comments reflect the payment history of the account as of the balance date
  • Special comments reported by a subscriber or consumer to distinguish accounts which may require special handling
  • Payment level date is the date the account first reached the present status level
  • Code describing consumer's association to the account per the Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • The account condition indicates the state of account
  • Balance date is the date of the subscriber's accounts receivable tape for open accounts; the date of the last reporter update tape for accounts with a zero balance that were not provided by a reporter on each update tape; and the date paid for paid accounts.
  • Date the account was opened
  • Date of consumer's last payment on the account
  • Amount of the loan or credit established
  • Two accounts may display. Indicates the dollar amount has a $ (L)imit and the $ (H)ighest balance. Also indicates if the amount is an original loan (O), initial charge-off (C) or unknown (blank)

Current Status

  • Payment amount the consumer is scheduled to pay on the account; may also be estimated as calculated by Experian based on reporters formula
  • Terms of account
  • Current balance on the account
  • The amount past due for the account


n at-a-glance summary of the Trade Line. The first digit reiterates the type of account (e.g. Revolving, Installment, Unrated, etc.). The second digit features the last payment status code reported; refer to Historical Status above.

Inquiries Inquiries indicate that a Credit Profile report was received on that date by the subscriber listed. Inquiring subscriber name, number and KOB are shown. Type, terms and amount may display and are from the subscriber's inquiry input.

Messages The messages section may include general consumer statements, informational or other special messages. Consumer statements relating to a tradeline or public record item appear directly after the item.

Consumer Assistance

The Name, address and telephone number of Experian Consumer Assistance office or Credit Bureau nearest to the consumer's current address. Use for consumer referrals. Display is elective; contact your Experian sales representative.

Note: This document is provided only to assist new users in reading an Experian Credit Report. It is not intended to be authoritative, and may not reflect the most current information available. Additional questions should be directed to your local Experian representative.


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How to read experian credit report