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International Education Verification

Turnaround Time: 3-10 days      International Education Verification Product Sheet International Education Verification Sample Report

International Education and Degree Verification

Info Cubic is a premier provider of International employment and education verifications.
Utilizing our vast international network of experienced researchers from over 100 countries we provide International verification services at a reasonable, fixed cost per verification. While headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Info Cubic maintains Regional offices in Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China as well as satellite offices in England and Brazil allowing us to provide exceptionally quick background screening services throughout the world.

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Description of International verification services:

  • Employment verification: We verify the applicant's previous or current employers, verifying at least: start date, end date as well as position information.
  • Education verification: We verify dates of attendance, graduation date and degree information.
  • Credentials: We verify the applicant's previous or current license, certification or other credentials. Access to such records can be limited. Please call us to discuss what it is you need to obtain.
  • Reference checks: We obtain professional references from past supervisors or coworker. Please call us to discuss the questions you would like to ask.

See detailed requirement and turnaround time by each country.

Highlights of our international verification services:

  • Our experienced researchers speak over 25 different languages. In addition to knowing the language, they are very familiar with local culture as well as with privacy laws in each country.
  • We work on verification requests until they are completed. We don't simply give up if we can't reach a company or school after a few days of trying. We attempt to contact the school or employer every day and at different times of the day in order to process each request as quickly as possible. We do whatever we can to keep our clients updated on the status of their requests.
  • Info Cubic is headquartered in the United States and has been providing background check services in the US and throughout the world for over 6 years. Info Cubic takes tremendous pride in providing world-class customer service. Regardless of where our clients are located they can always reach an experienced, knowledgeable U.S.-based customer service member. We respond to email inquiries within 30 minutes and you will always be able to speak to live client support during normal business hours.
  • We offer a cost-effective, global flat rate for all International verification services. Our flat-rate fee covers surcharges for International phone calls and any 3rd party fees charged by schools or employers to make the billing process simple and straightforward.

Potential Outcome (Result)


A call was placed to the educational institution listed by the applicant/employee and the institution was able to verify the highest degree obtained and the dates of attendance.

Not Verified:

Unable to verify the highest degree obtained and/or the dates of attendance for the educational institution that has been listed by the applicant/employee. This could result from an inaccurate name and/or dates of attendance, the educational institution being closed for the summer/holiday or the degree listed being false and/or never completed.

Matching Rules for Identifiers on Records

  • Student ID
  • First name
  • Last name
  • School name
  • School city
  • School region/state

What we ask for?

  • Full Name (Middle name or middle initial when available)
  • Date of Birth
  • Country / Specific city / cities to be searched
  • Mother's maiden name (Spanish speaking countries)
  • School name or employer name
  • Phone number
  • A copy of degree or diploma if the country is India
  • Authorization for release from your applicant

About Turnaround Time

In the U.S. , the average turnaround time for education and employment verifications is typically three business days. However, it is important to realize that business standards in the rest of the world are much different than in the U.S. and because of this the typical turnaround time is five to ten business days with longer delays possible in some cases due to factors beyond anyone's control. Info Cubic is committed to doing everything we reasonably can to turn orders around as quickly as possible. For instance, we review the status of every order locally every day and communicate with our overseas researchers accordingly. We subsequently update status notes as meaningful progress is made. Clients can be assured that Info Cubic is doing everything possible to push orders to completion and when there are delays caused by factors beyond our control, those are noted in your status updates.

Here are some of the factors affecting turnaround time:

International time difference: When Info Cubic receives an order from a U.S. firm, keep in mind that much of the rest of the world is still asleep--the order processing is by necessity delayed until the next business day.

  • International calendar: Holidays in the rest of the world cause schools and businesses to be closed at times when the U.S. is open for business.
  • Political and economic considerations: Infrastructure in some areas of the world in which we are asked to obtain verifications is poor to non-existent in so far as record keeping, telephone and fax services, internet access and consistent business practices are concerned.
  • Research: Quite often, the contact information contained in an international verification requires Info Cubic to do research to locate the employer or school. This sometimes requires additional information, interpretation skills, letter writing and a near-investigation level of effort to establish contact with the verifying party or determine whether they are still in business.
  • Business customs and practices: in the U.S. most businesses are staffed and open 9-5, M-F. There is invariably an office manager, human resources representative or staffing office that can assist with verifications. That is not always the case outside the U.S.  In some countries, verifications can take a number of voice mails, e-mails and faxes before someone responds. If the employer is small, the office may only be staffed intermittently.

International Education Verification Sample Report

SS# SUBMITTED: 235-456-7890
STUDENT # ON FILE: #FIN 456-7890
START DATE: 08/01/1970
COMMENTS: Contacted the school at +0091-22-2770XXXX on 02/01/2002. Mr. VIVEK P. SONI. (Student register) confirmed that subject had completed 54 of 60 hours required for a bio-physics degree. However he did not graduated.

International Education and Employment Verification Turnaround Time by Country

Afghanistan 3-5 Days    
Africa 7-10 Days    
Algiers 3-5 Days    
American Samoa 1-5 Days    
Amsterdam 3-5 Days    
Argentina 1-5 Days    
Armenia 3-5 Days    
Aruba 3-5 Days    
Australia 1-5 Days Signed Release Signed Release
Austria 3-5 Days    
Azerbaijan 3-5 Days    
Bahrain 3-5 Days    
Beirut 3-5 Days    
Belarus 3-5 Days    
Belgium 3-5 Days    
Bermuda 3-5 Days    
Bolivia 3-5 Days    
Bosnia 3-5 Days    
Brazil 3-5 Days    
British Virgin Islands 3-5 Days Signed Release Signed Release
Bulgaria 3-5 Days    
Burma 3-5 Days    
Cambodia 3-5 Days    
Cameroon 3-5 Days    
Cape Verde 3-5 Days    
Chad 3-5 Days    
Chile 3-5 Days    
China 7-10 Days Copy of Applicant's name in Chinese Characters Copy of Applicant's name in Chinese Characters (Degree in Chinese Characters will suffice)
Colombia 3-5 Days    
Congo 7-10 Days    
Costa Rica 3-5 Days    
Croatia 7-10 Days    
Cuba 3-5 Days    
Czech Republic 3-5 Days    
Denmark 3-5 Days    
Dominican Republic 3-5 Days    
Ecuador 3-5 Days    
Eritrea 7-10 Days    
Ethiopia 7-10 Days    
Fiji 3-5 Days    
Finland 3-5 Days    
France 3-5 Days    
Georgia 3-5 Days    
Germany 3-5 Days    
Ghana 3-5 Days    
Greece 3-5 Days    
Grenada 3-5 Days    
Guam 3-5 Days    
Guatemala 3-5 Days    
Guyana 3-5 Days    
Haiti 3-5 Days    
Honduras 3-5 Days    
Hong Kong 3-5 Days    
Hungary 3-5 Days    
Iceland 3-5 Days    
India 3-5 Days A letter of experience is helpful but not required. Copy of Degree
Indonesia 3-5 Days    
Iran 3-5 Days    
Iraq 3-5 Days    
Ireland 3-5 Days    
Israel 3-5 Days    
Italy 3-5 Days    
Jamaica 3-5 Days    
Japan 3-5 Days    
Jordan 3-5 Days    
Kenya 3-5 Days    
Korea 3-5 Days    
Kosovo 3-5 Days    
Kuwait 3-5 Days    
Lebanon 3-5 Days    
Liberia 3-5 Days    
Madagascar 3-5 Days    
Malaysia 3-5 Days    
Mexico 1-3 Days    
Moldova 3-5 Days    
Monaco 3-5 Days    
Mongolia 3-5 Days    
Morocco 3-5 Days    
Myanmar 3-5 Days    
Nepal 3-5 Days    
New Zealand 3-5 Days    
Nicaragua 3-5 Days    
Nigeria 3-5 Days    
Norway 3-5 Days    
Oman 3-5 Days    
Pakistan 3-5 Days    
Palau 3-5 Days    
Palestine 3-5 Days    
Panama 3-5 Days    
Peru 3-5 Days    
Philippines 7-10 Days    
Poland 3-5 Days    
Portugal 3-5 Days    
Puerto Rico 1-3 Days    
Romania 7-10 Days    
Russia 7-10 Days    
Saipan 3-5 Days    
Saudi Arabia 3-5 Days    
Scotland 3-5 Days    
Senegal 3-5 Days    
Serbia 3-5 Days    
Sierra Leone 7-10 Days    
Singapore 3-5 Days    
Slovakia 7-10 Days    
Somalia 7-10 Days    
South Africa 3-5 Days    
South Korea 3-5 Days    
Spain 3-5 Days    
Sri Lanka 7-10 Days    
Sudan 3-5 Days    
Sweden 3-5 Days    
Switzerland 3-5 Days    
Syria 3-5 Days    
Taiwan 3-5 Days    
Thailand 3-5 Days    
The Netherlands 3-5 Days    
Tobago 3-5 Days    
Togo 3-5 Days    
Trinidad 3-5 Days    
Tunisia 3-5 Days    
Turkey 3-5 Days    
Uganda 7-10 Days    
Ukraine 7-10 Days    
United Arab Emirates 3-5 Days    
United Kingdom 3-5 Days Signed Release Signed Release
Uruguay 3-5 Days    
Uzbekistan 7-10 Days    
Venezuela 3-5 Days    
Vietnam 3-5 Days    
West Africa 7-10 Days    
Yemen 3-5 Days    
Yugoslavia 3-5 Days    
Zambia 7-10 Days    
Zimbabwe 7-10 Days    
Zurich 3-5 Days    


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