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Mexican Criminal/Civil Records Search

Mexico Criminal/Civil/MVR Records Search - Degree Verification and Employment Verification
Mexican Criminal Record Search

If you are thinking about hiring a potential employee who has previously lived, worked or attended school in Mexico , we highly suggest that you have a Mexico criminal records search completed. By conducting a criminal records check you are protecting your company against negligent hiring, by being proactive and looking for potential problems in this persons past that could have an affect on the work that they do or the work environment itself. Be advised that employers are being held responsible for their employee's behavior more and more each day. In addition, while the US has a criminal ratio of 5 - 15%, Mexico 's criminal ratio exceeds that of the US at 20%. You simply cannot rely on the criminal checks completed by the US Immigration Department, as these types of checks are done primarily to keep terrorists out of the country and are conducted solely on individuals that are applying for permanent visas and green cards. There are no checks being done on the many illegal immigrants that come to this country each day. Specific industries that we highly recommend having criminal background checks completed on potential employees coming from Mexico are; Construction, Landscaping, Restaurant business, Apartment Managers and Building cleaning services.

We offer different packages to meet your individual needs. A single criminal search in Mexico is $78. You can combine both the criminal search and Motor Vehicle Registration search for $95. We also offer education and employment verifications in Mexico for $69. You may be eligible for our volume discounts, so please call us today.

Info Cubic is a premier provider of International Criminal Records. We utilize local court researchers, government contacts and private agencies in Mexico when conducting International Criminal Record searches. The Mexico Criminal Records search will report crimes and offenses that are comparable to felonies in the United States.

Manual retrieval by court researchers
Fast turnaround time: 2-3 days
Court access fee included
Retrieves felony and Misdemeanor records
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Price: Criminal Search US$78.00

Mexican Police Certificate

We can help you obtain the certificate through the Mexican Federal Public Ministry.

The following forms are required in original form with original signatures.

  1. Consent Form
  2. Additional Requirements

We can mail or email you the scanned certificate. The average turnaround time is about one month. The detailed instructions will be sent to you after you place the order online.

Mexican Education Verification

We verify dates of attendance, graduation date and degree information.

Mexican Employment Verification

We verify the applicant's previous or current employers, verifying at least: start date, end date as well as position information.

Mexican Individual Civil/Bankruptcy Records Check

Info Cubic utilizes our experienced worldwide court researcher network, government contacts and trusted private agencies to conduct Civil and Bankruptcy Record searches in the most affordable and accurate manner available.

Mexican Background Check Package

The employment screening package provides discounted price rather than ordering individual products. It Includes:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Highest Degree Verification
  • One Employment Verification
Mexican Business Credit Report

Info Cubic International Business Credit Reports provides quick, comprehensive access to commercial credit information on businesses that operate in over 200 countries worldwide. Also we provide civil records and bankruptcy records search on a business if available.

Turnaround Time:
2-3 days

US$ 78.00
No setup fee, no monthly fee

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Mexico criminal records search

Mexico City
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1,972,550 km²
Peso ( MXN )
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Mexico Criminal Records. Turnaround time: 2-3 days

Court Records. Our services will provide you with criminal history reports which go back as far as twenty years.

Sample Report
First Name Jonnathan
Middle Name Oliver
Last Name Medina
Date of Birth 01-01-1960
City Toluca city
State Mexico
Case # MX3483888
State # M34888
Fed # F58888
Level Felony
Charge Hit and Run
Dismissed 05-15-2004
Time Served 8 months
Probation 8 months


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Mexican Criminal/Civil Records Search