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Canada Criminal/Civil Records Search - Degree Verification and Employment Verification

You have 2 options to order criminal records in Canada. You can order by province or nationwide, which includes all the provinces. Please keep in mind, we need a release form in order to get a nationwide criminal search in Canada.

Canadian Criminal Records by Province Canadian Nationwide Criminal Records
  • Source: Local Provincial Courts
  • Turnaround time: 3 - 5 business days
  • Search Scope: 7 years/ Felony and Misdemeanors
  • Requirements: Generic Release form/ Current Canadian Address
  • See more details...
  • Price: US $59.00/$95.00* (Alberta)
    Base price includes 2 hit records. For any additionnal records found you will be charged $25.00 per record, upon approval.

  • Source: Canadian Police Department Criminal Respositoy (CPIC)
  • Turnaround time: 1-2 business days
  • Search Scope: Felony and Misdemeanor Convictions
  • Requirements: Special Release form/ Copies of 2 forms of ID
  • See more details...
  • Price: US $39.00

Canadian Education Verification
Canada criminal records search
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We verify dates of attendance, graduation date and degree information.

Canada Employment Verification

We verify the applicant's previous or current employers, verifying at least: start date, end date as well as position information.


Canadian Other Products
Canadian Criminal Records Search by Province $59.00/$95.00* (Alberta)      

Canadian Local Court searches are hand searched at the Canadian Provincial Courts by our local agents for quality and accuracy. The search is completed using the subjects name and date of birth for felony and misdemeanor conviction records going back 7 years.  If a record is found on the subject we will provide the following details when available; date of offense, charge/charge type, disposition and sentencing information.  Please click here for a sample report.

In most cases results are returned within 3-5 business days.  Delays in turnaround times may be caused by records found on an applicant that are archived or need additional assistance from the clerk.

We provide Local Court criminal searches in; Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, New Foundland & Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavet, Ontario, Prince Edward Islands, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Yukon. See sample report...

Fee: Base price $59.00 for all provinces (except $95.00 for Alberta) includes 2 hit records. For any additional records found you will be charged for $25.00 per record, upon approval. The initial report will include up to 2 records and will indicate how many additional records were found. Upon your approval of the fee, a full report will be provided.

Canadian Nationwide Criminal Records (CPIC) Search $39.00      

CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) is the Canadian Federal repository that searches criminal records held by the Canadian Police.  Felony and misdemeanor conviction records are searched. This search requires that the applicant sign a special release as well as provide 2 copies of an acceptable ID. (Read more...).

Canadian Credit History Report $45.00       canada credit history report

A credit report can be an important indicator of financial responsibility for employees with fiduciary or cash handling responsibilities, access to expensive equipment, other people's property, or otherwise placed in a position of financial trust. Info Cubic works closely with our clients who utilize credit reports, ensuring they are fully educated and in strict compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Clients must provide Info Cubic with a signed and properly worded release form from the applicant for any credit reports that are ordered.

Canadian Civil Records Search - Local Level $105.00      

Search by Plaintiff, Defendant, Attorney, or Case Number of Superior Court filings of $25,000 or greater. Info Cubic can also search civil municipal court records (cases under $25,000), but does not recommend the search as civil records contain individuals' names only with no other identifiers.

Canadian Federal Civil Search $79.00    Canada Federal Civil search

Search of Federal district courts for civil cases involving alleged violations of federal statutes or constitutional rights. Cases may be brought by individuals, companies or governmental entities seeking monetary damages, an injunction, and/or another remedy provided by law. Case information will include the party name, case title, the court in which the case is located, case number, filing date, nature of suit and closing date.

Canadian Bankruptcy Records Search $45.00      

Our bankruptcy records search retrieves any personal and commercial bankruptcy records directly from the bankruptcy courts throughout Canada. Most results are available within 24 hours.

Canadian Driver License Information $55.00       Canada Driver License

Driving records are of immense importance for ensuring that the company is not held liable for any automobile accidents that involve the employees that are running company errands and are irrespective of the usage of company or personal vehicle. The report provided by us depicts the license status, holder, dates of issuance, expiration, violations, suspensions or other actions.

While some companies believe driving records should be used only if an applicant will be driving a company car, crimes are not isolated to where we live and work, and Info Cubic believes motor vehicle information exposes important character issues. By searching an applicant's driving record, we learn about suspended licenses, failures to appear in court and arrest warrants. In addition, drug and alcohol related driving offenses, such as driving under the influence and possession of drugs, may serve as a warning of potential substance abuse problems that can affect job performance.

Info Cubic retrieves driving records in Canada except Quebec and Alberta provinces due to their privacy laws.

Employment Verification $30.00      

Past Employment Verification is recommended for all employees. It is approximated that 40% of all resumes and employment applications contain falsified information. Our standard Employment Verification reports the employer’s name, applicant’s title, dates of employment, salary history (upon client’s request), whether they are eligible for rehire, and we ask for additional comments. We also offer an Employment Verification that adds questions about the applicant’s initiative, follow-through, growth potential, organization skills, adaptability and work ethic. Furthermore, the search also reports any available information on the attendance, performance.

Education Verification $30.00      

An applicant inflating their educational accomplishments is one of the most common occurrences found on an applicant's resume or application. Info Cubic processes education verifications by contacting educational institutions directly to verify degrees or certifications earned. We verify dates of attendance, graduation date and degree information.

Canadian Professional License Validation $35.00      

Verifies license status, holder, dates of issuance and expiration through the appropriate licensing board or agency within Canada. Report is generated within the same day of request.


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