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Australian Criminal/Civil Records Search

Australia Criminal/Civil Records Search - Degree Verification and Employment Verification
Australian Criminal Record Search

Info Cubic is a premier provider of International Criminal Records. We utilize local court researchers, government contacts and private agencies in Australia when conducting International Criminal Record searches. The Australia Criminal Records search will report crimes and offenses that are comparable to felonies in the United States.

Manual retrieval by court researchers
Fast turnaround time
Court access fee included
Retrieves felony records
View sample report
Price: Criminal Search US$95.00

Australian Police Certificate

We can help you obtain the certificate through the Australian Federal Police.

The following forms are required in original form with original signatures.

  1. Consent Form
  2. A photocopy of a photo ID (Passport, Australian Birth Certificate orCitizenship Certificate)
  3. Must submit by mail

We can mail or email you the scanned certificate. The average turnaround time is about one month. The detailed instructions will be sent to you after you place the order online.

Australian Education Verification

We verify dates of attendance, graduation date and degree information.

Australian Employment Verification

We verify the applicant's previous or current employers, verifying at least: start date, end date as well as position information.

Order employment verification from Australia.
Australian Individual Civil/Bankruptcy Records Check

Info Cubic utilizes our experienced worldwide court researcher network, government contacts and trusted private agencies to conduct Civil and Bankruptcy Record searches in the most affordable and accurate manner available.

Australian Background Check Package

The employment screening package provides discounted price rather than ordering individual products. It Includes:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Highest Degree Verification
  • One Employment Verification
Australian Business Credit Report

Info Cubic International Business Credit Reports provides quick, comprehensive access to commercial credit information on businesses that operate in over 200 countries worldwide. Also we provide civil records and bankruptcy records search on a business if available.

Australia criminal records search
7,741,220 km²

Australian dollar (AUD)

Time Zone
various N3 ( UTC +8 to +10.5)
Internet TLD
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New Search

Australia Police Record

Available. Includes nationwide fingerprint check.

Procedures to be followed for visa applicants both inside and outside the country who wish to obtain clearances:

Inside: Applicant must go to any police station to obtain fingerprints and complete necessary forms for request.

Outside: Applicant must obtain a police-certified fingerprint set from the country of residence, accompanied by their DOB, sex, the country for which the certification is required for immigration, and the address of the requesting authority. This may be accomplished by calling the NSW police at 02-9689-7682. The package must also include a bank draft or an International money order. All items are then sent to:

N.S.W. Police Service
Criminal Records Unit
P.O. Box 7777
Parramatta, N.S.W. 2124

Sample Report
First Name Jonnathan
Middle Name Oliver
Last Name Medina
Date of Birth 01-15-1975
Match Criteria Name and DOB
Records Found.
City Darwin
State Northern Territory
Country Australia
Jurisdiction Darwin Supreme Court (NT)
Searched years 1997-2005
Case # 2050067
Degree Felony
Arrested Date 12-15-2003
Charge Possession of Drugs
Disposition Date 05-15-2004
Disposition Guilty
Prison 24 months
Fine Amount 20,000.00
Time Served 24 months
Probation 24 months


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Australian Criminal/Civil Records Search