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JCAHO' Revised Background Check Requirements

In January 2004 the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) adopted revised standards governing the operations of all hospitals in the United States.
JCAHO has mandated that criminal background checks are performed on all persons having any opportunity for patient interaction any of accredited organizations.

Q:What is the JCAHO requirement for criminal background checks and for which type of individual must it be performed?

Standard HR.1.20 for staff, students and volunteers who work in the same capacity as staff who provide care, treatment, and services, at EP 5 states criminal background checks are verified when required by law and regulation and organization policy.
This means that if state law, regulation or organization policy requires background checks on all employees, volunteers and students, JCAHO expects them to be done on all three categories.
If state law requires background checks on only specified types of health care providers (e.g. nursing assistants/child care workers), then JCAHO would require background checks on only those specified in state law (unless organization policy goes beyond state law).
If state law requires background checks on all "employees", the organization should seek an opinion from the state on what categories of health care workers are considered "employees". If the state clearly does not consider volunteers or students to be employees, then JCAHO would not require background checks on them (unless organization policy goes beyond state law and requires it).
If state law is ambiguous as to the definition of employee, the organization can define the scope of background checks to fit its own definition. As such, they may include or exclude students and volunteers, and JCAHO would survey to hospital policy.
In the absence of a state law on criminal background checks, each organization can develop its own expectations, e.g., and organization elects to screen employees and not students/volunteers. JCAHO would evaluate compliance with the organization's internal policy only. There would be no JCAHO expectation that an organization check categories of providers beyond what is required in their own policy, which must comply with law and regulation.

Q: How can Info Cubic help your organization meet JCAHO's background check requirements?

Info Cubic provides all the background check services necessary to remain JCAHO-compliant. Info Cubic's vast healthcare screening experience helps to ensure that our clients are complying with the background check requirements set forth by their State as well as JCAHO. Our cost-effective pricing allows our clients to meet these requirements without breaking the bank, regardless of the company's size. Our healthcare screening experts constantly monitor any changes to State and/or JCAHO regulations regarding background checks to ensure that our clients will always remain fully compliant.



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